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In the United States, Parent's Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of July. A parent's role in our lives can largely set the tone for the behaviors and beliefs we develop. For Moms, Dads, and other parental role models and guardians who spent the time investing in our younger selves, celebrating our achievements, and appreciating our milestones, it is important to acknowledge to ourselves the parts they played in our lives. If possible, try to find a way to show your appreciation of their investment.

For the adult reader, as our parents transition through age we might find ourselves now having the responsibility to invest in them, celebrate their achievements, and appreciate their milestones - but in our own style. On Parent's Day, or any day of the year, here is a list of ways that you can say "thank you" to your parents and guardians:

  • Cook. Cooking can conjure up tastes and smells long forgotten. Try to find a time to cook together - in person or virtually - or prepare a special meal for your parent(s). If your parent(s) made a certain meal that you have fond memories of, make it for them and remind them of how much you enjoyed having it as a child. Another option is to find out a meal they may have enjoyed from their parents and try to make it together. 
  • Listen. Make time to call your parent(s). Speaking with your parents and listening to your parents about their lives, their experiences, and what they did 'today' can be a huge boost to both them and you emotionally and intellectually. Plus, the knowledge and memories they impart onto you in these conversations will remain forever.
  • Learn. As children, you may have been encouraged to develop literary skills either by our parents or our schools and local libraries. Bring this back to your parents by searching the resources at the Kitsap Regional Library to discover a particular author or literary genre they might enjoy or want to learn more about. Further, your local library also provides services that promote learning through virtual classes and events.
  • Indulge. Find out what it is that your parent(s) are interested in. Many of us assume we know what our parents are into - reading books or working on cars or collecting certain things. However, as people age they continue to be curious and interested in new things, so find out from them or from their friends and indulge them with their newest interest. For example, you find out your Mom is really interested in getting "real French bread" from a new bakery in town. Well, surprise her by calling ahead and getting a gift card for her at her favorite bakery or get her favorite bread delivered! Just find a way to indulge your parent(s) every once in a while.
  • Create. Turn your parent(s) onto #BIMAfromHome! Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has curated art programs to enjoy from the comfort of home. Together watch live-stream or recorded artist talks and presentations. Get creative with at home art activities with materials you have at home. Participating in the arts has been shown to boost well-being and improve mental health! This activity will get both you and your parent(s) out of the house and will promote spending more time together.

Sunday, July 26th is Parent's Day. In whatever way you choose, show appreciation to your parents and those parental guardians who helped you along the way.

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* Image above is of Skylar riding in her fancy Disney Frozen Mercedes with her grandfather Gerod in Manette. Although visiting from out of state, grandparents like Gerod can play a very important, parental role in our development and sense of being.

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