Photo of New & Returning Members at Collective Visions Gallery

Spring with its new life and sunny days brings excitement and zip in the steps of the artist community at Collective Visions Gallery! Over the past weeks, we have been joined by some wonderful new members. All were represented in the 2021 CVG Juried Show and have decided to become a part of our cooperative art gallery.

New & returning members are as follows:

  • Debra Wuts - Photographer: "Nature is my muse...I have always seen the world through the lens of a camera. Many of my pieces are from adventures, hiking, paddling and lately - my garden. My passion is finding the abstractions and details that make a scene special." Debra Wuts' image above is a 16" x 20" photo canvas titled Here's Looking at You.
  • Karsten Boysen - 3D Art: "Art is all about mystery, stealth, and transformation – to reveal the dynamics of existence. The materials I use are selected by a twist, a bend, a crumple – almost as if returning to a natural state. The movement echoes nature, and all of its phenomena."
  • Cyrra Robinson - Sculptress: "I strive to develop work that evokes a tangible experience; not just passively viewing a representation, but introducing yourself to something that exudes the vastness of the natural world, a vital object."
  • Mimi Cernyar Fox - Painter and Assemblage Artist: "Inspired by the beauty of the sea and the seabirds that dive into her waters for their food, I have used these paintings, mosaics and drawings to tell a little bit of their story. Beauty is compelling, it shows us ourselves when we really look. It is bound to the truth and the good." Mimi took the 2D prize at the recent CVG 2021 group juried show! Her work supports the protection of our environment and oftentimes is about the human condition.
Photo of Collective Visions Gallery

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Collective Visions Gallery is an association of West Sound Professional Artists working together to expand awareness of, and make available for purchase, contemporary visual art. They employ a program of exhibits, lectures, concerts, and other art related events to communicate ideas, build community, enrich and educate their audience.

Collective Visions Gallery is located at 331 Pacific Avenue in Bremerton. The gallery is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you have any questions, call them at (360) 377-8327. Learn more about them at their website and follow them on social media at Facebook and Instagram!

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