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Kitsap Culture is all about arts and culture along the Kitsap Peninsula. Our bad, but we’ve gone north of the border for this story. Why? Because spring is here, it’s been a tough 2020, and we need nature’s art with vibrant colors beyond rainbow beauty to lift our spirits.

Enter Trevor the Mandarin Duck, nicknamed by Vancouver, B.C. photographers in reference to the character Trevor – the Mandarin – in Iron Man 3.

Trevor the Mandarin Duck by Kitsap Culture's Best Friend in Burnaby - Roz.

This drake, first seen in November 2018, in both Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake is back this year. Mandarin Ducks are native to East Asia, and this guy may have been kept as a pet, something popular with people who raise waterfowl. Mysteriously, he came to live in the lakes among his distant cousins, Wood Ducks, with who he can breed and create hybrids. Lucky Trevor! 

Image used under license from remjud/Shutterstock.

And just as artists along the Kitsap Peninsula are opening shows, Burnaby’s ‘rock star’ Mandarin Duck is part of an art show starting March 20 at the Deer Lake Gallery at 6584 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia. Read about the show in the Burnaby Now.    

Trevor the Mandarin Duck by Kitsap Culture's Best Friend in Burnaby - Roz.

Banner or top image used under license from Bob Fara/Shutterstock.

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