Stories told on stage in a bar in the coolest Navy town in America!

Story Night's theme in September is "Reality." It doesn't get truer than that.

It's time to do a reality check about those times you thought you had it made with someone, only to find out you were misreading the signs all along. Or maybe what seemed too good to be true really was too good to be true. On the flip side, maybe something wasn't nearly as bad as you thought.

Story Night story slams are a simple proposition. Storytellers are given a theme and they have about 5 minutes to tell a true, autobiographical story using no notes and no props. At the end of the night, judges tell us which storyteller was the top storyteller of the night.

Come join the fun just hearing the stories, or if you’ve got one you think you might like to share, join us on stage. If you want to tell a story, comment on the Facebook page or show up and sign up. If you show up you will be joined by some of the best people in Kitsap County and thereabouts. And, on Thursdays, the Cloverleaf has specials on pizza and other stuff. It’s a fun night and has the added bonus of you getting to know more about your neighbors.

Story Night events are a partnership between Story Night and Kitsap Regional Library.

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