Christopher Barnes is the featured artist at Collective Visions Gallery for May! The show's opening is on the First Friday - May 7th from 5 to 8 p.m. with a reception for the artist. The show ends on May 29th.

Someone said that good humor is the health of the soul this portable quality has not escaped mixed media artist Christopher Barnes (el christo), who recently moved to Bremerton from the Southwest.

He seasons his creations of genial clowns with mirth and sensitivity. His characters covered in clown-ship seem to conquer the moment by sheer mirth that sooth the wounds and affect a laugh at ourselves.

The artist received his degree in Fine Arts from a UT school, he pursued a career in IT shortly thereafter. In his Bremerton studio he creates paintings, drawings and sculptures.

“With the pandemic in full swing in late 2020 and the election having just occurred, I found solace in clowns. Reality was pretty depressing, and clowns are great for healing. It started with a clown drawing a day, and from there paintings and other mixed media came out of it. Clowns go back thousands of years, they are worldwide in all cultures. It is only in the past 40 years or so that they have gotten a bad rap due to horrific portrayals of them, giving children nightmares in the process. Hopefully my show at Collective Visions Gallery will bring the viewer some levity in our current social times and turmoil." ~ Christopher Barnes

Story by artist: Mimi Cernyar Fox

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