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Posted May 27, 2018 | Kitsap Playbill

Central Stage Theatre presents THE SECRET GARDEN AUDITIONS

Auditions for The Secret Garden will be held on Monday, June 18th at 6:30 p.m. at the William D. Harvey Theatre at Olympic College.  Callbacks will be by invitation only, on Tuesday, June 19th at 6:30 p.m. at OC.  The first cast meeting and read through will be held on Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30 p.m. at Central Kitsap Middle School (CKMS).

Please come with sheet music and your best 16 bars. No a'capella or recorded music please. An accompanist will be provided.Plan to sing only. You will be sent sides if you are called back. Please bring a resume and a headshot. If you don’t have a recent headshot we will take your picture at the audition. Please bring your complete list of schedule conflicts.

If you have questions about auditions, please contact the director at (253) 861-3744 (**texts are ok!) or

Available Roles:  Review the list below under "Cast and Crew". Rehearsals will begin on Monday, June 25th from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.. The children’s scenes will be rehearsed first so they can go home first until 2 weeks before opening on September 28th. This is a 3-weekend run (*see performance dates and times below). There will be no rehearsals the week of July 2nd-6th. This is a CSTOCK show that will be performed at the new 276-seat William D. Harvey Theatre at Olympic College in Bremerton.

We also announce auditions on our Facebook page, so please like and follow "CSTOCK Community Theatre" for exciting updates!


Living in a lonely manor house on the Yorkshire moors in 1906, Archibald Craven yearns for his beautiful, late wife Lily. He blames his crippled son, Colin, for his wife’s death. Although he loves Colin, he cannot cope with seeing him, and has left Colin isolated and in the care of his doctor uncle Neville. Their quiet routine is turned upside down when young Mary Lennox, a rich, spoiled child, is sent to live with them following the death of her parents from cholera in India. Mary is the late Lily’s niece, and has no relatives closer than Archie, whom she has never met. While living at the manor house, Mary discovers a secret walled garden hidden in the grounds and with the help of local child of nature Dickon, releases the magic and adventures locked inside, changing all their lives forever.


  MARY LENNOX  |  Voice type: Mezzo (B-E), Stage age: 11-12, Role type: Lead, Character: Raised in colonial India, Mary is an orphan whose parents have died of cholera. She has no close relatives and has been sent to live with Archibald Craven, her late mother’s sister’s husband. A spoilt child, now bewildered and alone, she is initially petulant and rude, but at heart is a warm girl.

   ARCHIBALD CRAVEN  |  Voice type: High baritone / tenor (C-Ab), Stage age: 35-45, Role type: Lead, Character: Master of Misselthwaite Manor, Archie is a mildly handicapped man who lost his beloved wife Lily in childbirth. He is a deeply unhappy, reclusive man who has been preoccupied with his loss for 10 years. Unable to face his son, who is sickly and bed-ridden.

   NEVILLE CRAVEN  |  Voice type: Baritone (C-F#), Stage age: 30-40, Role type: Featured role, Character: Archie’s younger brother, who is resentful of his position as the younger brother. A humorless, bitter man, who, as a doctor, has responsibility for Colin, Archie’s invalid son.

   MARTHA  |  Voice type: low mezzo (low F – D), Stage age: 25-30, Role type: Featured role, Character: Housemaid. An extremely warm, good-hearted girl, feisty and courageous. Needs a belt vocal quality as well as vocal warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent. Needs to be able to inspire Mary when she is at her lowest.

   DICKON  |  Voice type: High baritone (C-G), Stage age: 18-20, Role type: Featured role, Character: Martha’s younger brother. A mystical lad, very much in tune with the forces of nature. Very sweet-natured and gentle. A music theatre vocal style. Requires a Yorkshire accent.

   COLIN CRAVEN  |  Voice type: Boy soprano (A-Eb), Stage age: 10-11, Role type: Featured role, Character: Archie’s invalid son who is bed-ridden and has no company other than his dour uncle and servants. Capable of being very rude and petulant, but essentially sweet-natured.

   MRS MEDLOCK  |  Voice type: Speaking only, Stage age: 35+, Role type: Featured role, Character: Housekeeper of Misselthwaite Manor. A very competent and business-like woman who is very severe and shows little warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent.

   BEN WEATHERSTAFF  |  Voice type: Baritone (F-D), Stage age: 45-65, Role type: Supporting role, Character: Gardener at Misselthwaite. Loyal servant of many years standing who dearly loved the late Lily. Can be crotchety, but essentially very gentle. Requires Yorkshire accent.

   MRS WINTHROP  |  Voice type: Speaking only, Stage age: 40+, Role type: Cameo, Character: A school headmistress who believes in strong discipline. (Will double as a servant).

   MAJOR SHELLEY  |  Voice type: Speaking only, Stage age: 35+, Role type: Cameo, Character: An army officer who escorts the orphaned Mary to England. (Will double as servant).

   MRS SHELLEY  |  Voice type: Speaking only, Stage age: 30+, Role type: Cameo, Character: Wife of Major Shelley. (Will double as a servant).

   LILY CRAVEN  |  **This role has been cast.**  Voice type: Soprano (D-C: D optional), Stage age: 25-30, Role type: Lead, Character: Archie’s late beloved wife, Colin’s mother, Mary’s aunt. A warm and loving woman who deeply loved Archie and died giving birth to Colin. In life a warm and loving young woman. In death a very benevolent presence watching over her unhappy husband, son and niece.

The remaining “Dreamers” consist of Mary’s parents, staff and friends in colonial India, all of whom died in a cholera epidemic. They appear as individuals and as a “Greek chorus”, commenting on events for the living, and in flashbacks to their lives in England and India. They are all watching over Mary. Collectively they form the vocal ensemble.

   CAPTAIN ALBERT LENNOX  |  Voice type: Tenor (Bb-G), Stage age: 30-40, Role type: Supporting role, Character: An army officer, Mary’s father. A warm and loving father.

   ROSE LENNOX  |  Voice type: Mezzo / soprano (Bb-G: optional B), Stage age: 30-35, Role type: Supporting role, Character: Mary’s mother, Lily’s sister. Beautiful, vain and spoilt. In life, lacking in maternal qualities. Can be quite petulant – rather a “princess”, but nevertheless very appealing.

   THE FAKIR  |  Voice type: High tenor (G-B), Stage age: 30-40, Role type: Supporting role, Character: Indian mystic / servant.

   AYAH   |  Voice type: Mezzo (low G-G), Stage age: 20-40, Role type: Supporting role, Character: Mary’s Indian nanny and main caregiver.

   LIEUTENANT IAN SHAW  |  Voice type: Tenor / baritone (Bb-F), Stage age: 25-35, Role type: Supporting, Character: Army officer.

   LIEUTENANT PETER WRIGHT  |  Voice type: Baritone (Bb-F), Stage age: 25-35, Role type: Supporting, Character: Army officer.

   MAJOR HOLMES  |  Voice type: Bass (low F#-F), Stage age: 30-45, Role type: Supporting, Character: Army officer.

   CLAIRE HOLMES  |  Voice type: Soprano (A-G), Stage age: 25-30, Role type: Supporting, Character: Major Holmes’ wife – a well-to-do lady.

   ALICE   |  Voice type: Soprano (Eb-B), Stage age: 25-30, Role type: Supporting, Character: Rose’s friend – a well-to-do lady.


   Director  | Palmer Scheutzow

   Vocal Director  | Garrit Guadan

   Music Director  | Kelli McCauley

   Stage Manager  | Stephen Greer

   Costumer/Asst. Director  | Emily Scheutzow

   Seamstresses  | Kathy Kershaw & Kristen Bradberry

   Set Designers  | Greg Williams & Debbie Rice

   Producers  | Gina Buskirk & Stacey Saunders


Performances will be held at the brand new William D. Harvey Theatre at Olympic College in Bremerton! September 28, 29, 30, October 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 2018 - Friday & Saturday evenings; Sunday matinee. Tickets sales will begin in June 2018.

Book and Lyrics by Marsha Norman | Music by Lucy Simon based on a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett | Original Broadway production produced by Heidi Landesman, Rick Steiner, Frederic H. Mayerson, Elizabeth Williams, Jujamcyn Theatres/TV ASAHI and Dodger Productions | Originally produced by the Virginia Stage Company, Charles Towers, Artistic Director.

WINNER! 1991 Tony Award® for Best Book of a Musical
NOMINEE! 1991 Tony Awards® for Best Musical and Best Score
WINNER! 1991 Drama Desk Award for Oustanding Book of a Musical
NOMINEE! 1991 Drama Desk Awards for Oustanding Music and Outstanding Lyrics

This enchanting classic of children's literature is reimagined in brilliant musical style by composer Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of 'Night Mother. Orphaned in India, 11 year-old Mary Lennox returns to Yorkshire to live with her embittered, reclusive uncle Archibald and his invalid son Colin. The estate's many wonders include a magic garden which beckons the children with haunting melodies and the "Dreamers", spirits from Mary's past who guide her through her new life, dramatizing The Secret Garden's compelling tale of forgiveness and renewal.

"The Secret Garden" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by Samuel French.


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