New in the Writers’ Studio:  Quiet writing time
Beginning August 1, the Writers’ Studio will be reserved for quiet writing time Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am-noon. Of course, you can still write in the studio other times when there are no classes or groups scheduled.

Stay cool with Robbie this summer
We have a new mobile air conditioner (dubbed Robbie) in the Writers’ Studio. If you would like to cool the room, simply push the power button on the top left and Robbie will spring into action. Please remember to turn him off when you leave the studio.

Group is open for new members
Book Group 4 Writers reads and discusses literature by award-winning authors. The group meets the second Thursday of each month from 6:30-8pm. If you’re interested, contact



Have you wanted to write a story but felt overwhelmed by the magnum opus of a novel? Have you tried writing a short story but 20+ pages still felt unattainable? This August 1 class with Janee J. Baugher is for you. A short-short story (flash fiction) has two requirements, says author Fred Chappell: “that it be quite short and that it be troubling.” In this generative class, we’ll review the elements of craft employed by fiction writers (with a nod to the craft of poetry), and we’ll read and discuss examples of flash fiction from anthologies such as Sudden Fiction and Flash Fiction. We’ll compose our own flash stories by responding to some in-class writing exercises which are designed to help you write succinctly while suspending disbelief. Show details


Summer Youth Program

Comics and Self-Care
Comics are a great tool for self-care because, in a short amount of time with just a pen and something to write on, you can tell a big story, reframe a moment, or just make something goofy that lightens your mood.  In this two-session workshop beginning August 23, we’ll get confident making simple comics and learn how our comic-making practice can support our self-care and well-being. We’ll play drawing games, learn how to express emotion with simple lines, tell the stories we want to tell, and play more drawing games. Show details

Jump-Starting College Application Essays
This August 29 class is designed to take pressure off students and parents surrounding what can—but needn’t—be an overly stressful process. We will discuss how to “triage” various essay prompts, how to make keeping track of deadlines and requirements as painless as possible, how to select a topic (i.e., a favorite story to tell about yourself), and how to begin structuring that story into a narrative that shows authentic self-awareness—and one that moves, interests, and perhaps even amuses you and your readers (college admissions officials) in the process. As in a typical writing workshop, we will begin to try those stories out on each other and offer constructive input as requested. Show details

  This six-week course beginning September 18 with Kathleen Alcala will focus on shaping research, family stories, and other source materials into a form that will appeal to a contemporary reader. We will focus on the emotional development of your characters, as well as setting, scene, and dialogue, to bring fresh language to situations and characters. Sensory detail draws the reader into the story, but we must also empathize with the characters and fully inhabit their worlds. One of the most successful genres in both commercial and literary publishing today, readers of all ages find a well-imagined historical novel irresistible. We will end by discussing how to approach an agent or editor, cover letters, the synopsis, and possible markets. Show details

  Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline was part of a ten-year campaign that increased the company’s share of the North American sport-shoe business by thirty-five percent. The takeaway? Good copy is a powerful thing.

  This class with Emily McCaffrey on September 28 will walk you through the basics of persuasive writing for advertising and marketing, applicable to any medium (print, digital, social, etc.). Learn whether copywriting should be transactional, transformational, or both. Do a quick writing exercise and get a chance to workshop your writing with the group. Show details

  In this five-session class beginning October 9 with Jennifer Mann, you will explore the genre of picture books via classic and contemporary examples with a focus on current publishing preferences and practices.

  Your look at this unique literary form will cover topics such as narrative structure, character development, word choice, the relationship between words and images, developing a story, thumbnails and book dummies, steps to finding an agent and publication, and joining critique groups and professional organizations. A portion of each class, except the first, will be devoted to sharing and critiquing student projects. Show details

  While returning to the open file of your novel-in-progress, you find an old pair of eyeglasses. You try them on, glance back at your laptop screen, and OMG! Unnecessary words are evaporating! Generic nouns and verbs fade out while specific word choices replace them! Klunky phrases reshape themselves into sleek lines. Just above the shimmers of a subtext, a perfect metaphor appears and inserts itself. And on and on… These eyeglasses are magic! They contain the wisdom of thousands of hours’ worth of analyzing manuscripts. Put them on, and the wisdom is yours!

  Of course, this is a fairy tale. But Jenn Hager, developmental editor, effectively brings those eyeglasses to you in a three-hour class October 12 titled “See Your Manuscript through an Editor’s Eyes.” Show details

  This class is for those who have always wanted to write a memoir but just haven't gotten pen to paper (or need a little motivation to keep going).  A two-day workshop with Erica Bauermeister beginning October 19 offers multiple short lessons and writing prompts to help you delve into issues such as finding your subject, voice, and perspective; creating dynamic characters and scenes; shaping a story; and crafting language. Show details 

  It’s time to take your writing seriously. Warren Read—writer, educator, and published author—will guide you through every step of writing a short story in this four-session workshop beginning October 30. The class will cover what makes a short story, character development, setting, dialogue, and point of view. Each session will include writing advice, fluency prompts, sharing your work with class members, and writing groups/workshopping. Between meetings, you will focus on developing your short story. Show details 


  I have read every book about J.P. Beaumont, the Seattle Police Department detective. That is why I am excited to announce J.A. Jance's visit to BARN February 29, 2020.

 She is the author of mystery novels that include these bestselling series: the Seattle Police Department Detective J.P. Beaumont, Arizona County Sheriff Joanna Brady, former Los Angeles news reporter turned crime solver Ali Reynolds, and the Walker Family Mysteries.

  In a one-session class, J.A. Jance will be showing how pieces of her life have been woven into the tapestry of her various stories and encouraging workshop participants to consider doing the same. Show details




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