Bainbridge Performing Arts performs Romeo & Juliet at the Bloedel Reserve!

The Bard at Bloedel

Romeo & Juliet by Bainbridge Performing Arts
Directed by Kate Carruthers

From an outdoor set framed by the L-shaped barns at the end of the meadow on the beautiful Bloedel Reserve, Romeo & Juliet unfolds on Bainbridge Island this July. Kate Carruthers directs this “timeless” love story, which, she adds “feels contemporary, even though it’s classical,” delivered through what she describes as the “verse that unlocks the magic of Shakespeare’s language.”

“There’s something magical about being under the stars,” Director Carruthers says of the setting. “Having something to eat and talking before the play is just the most communal, natural, beautiful way to enjoy Shakespeare.”

Relaxing on the meadow bordered by thick Douglas firs and evergreens, patrons can do just that, immersing themselves in the sense of community as well as the natural beauty of the surroundings while experiencing the tragic tale of the two young lovers that has enthralled theater-goers for centuries.

Actor Gary Fetterplace, a veteran performer who plays multiple roles in this tragedy, notes that Shakespeare lovers of all ages have returned year after year to enjoy the Bard at the Bloedel performances in the “lovely, relaxed atmosphere.” The play relates the story of the Montagues and the Capulets, whose hostility toward each other knows no bounds.

Fight scenes, as choreographed by Lee Ann Hittenberger, bring the drama of the warring families to life. Romeo and Juliet, played by Gavin Michaels and Keara Dooley, form a bond that quickly develops into a forbidden romance, in spite of their families’ violent disagreements. Their love sparks revenge and leads to a secret marriage and a desperate, fatal attempt to remain together forever.

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Performances run Thursday through Sunday starting on July 12th and ending July 29th! All performances are at 7:00 p.m. on the Bloedel Reserve.

Tickets are: Adults – $29, Discounted – $24 if purchased at (206) 842-8569 or online at And...IF THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR CHOICE IS SOLD OUT - please call Bainbridge Performing Arts at the Box Office at (206) 842-8569 to be added to the "returns" wait list!

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