Throughout the site, the elegance of Robbi's style reminds us that owning antiques isn't just about nostalgia—they're relevant, cool, and sophisticated.

Robbi Perez + Social Media = Your Kitsap Community

From your boss to your grandma, pretty much everyone enjoys at least one social media platform, and local businesses have jumped on board to catch our eye and spread the word about what they have to offer.

Enter local artist Robbi Perez (@robbi_le_femme on Instagram), the social media director of Silverdale Antiques.

“I’m very attracted to aesthetic, especially whatever catches the eye,” Robbi says. “I’m heavily inspired by fashion couture photography.” And when you visit the Silverdale Antiques Instagram page, you can see this for yourself.

Emily Frankowski, one of the models who graces the Instagram account, appears in several photos wearing a 50s era polka dot dress reminiscent of Lucille Ball. Other models have purple hair, tattoos, and piercings, a style that could seem incongruous against a backdrop of antiques, but…it doesn’t. They appear in the reflections of old mirrors, putting on lipstick and wearing vintage hats, preparing for a night out. They enjoy tea at a table set with a silver service. They examine dishes, lamps, sideboards, and art.

Throughout the site, the elegance of Robbi’s style reminds us that owning antiques isn’t just about nostalgia—they’re relevant, cool, and sophisticated.

Other local businesses have employed Robbi’s talent, as well. In fact, he’s worked with 40 or so clients over the past four years. He’s promoted the Kitsap Harbor Festival and the Whaling Days Festival, and done other event and marketing photography on the side.

“I had to teach myself a lot of things in the realm of marketing and design,” he explains. While booking concerts under “Invisible Friend Productions” with Chris Perez, and promoting his own and others’ music events at places such as the Manette Saloon, he bought a Nikon D5100 35 mm camera and began creating his own posters, doing his own photography, and marketing the events on social media.

These days, he rarely receives direction from an art director. A business owner gives him an idea of what is wanted, and then he gives his take on it. “I pick up on the feel,” he explains. “I develop a vision I think would work.” Most give him free rein to design their online image. Businesses such as the Sugar Shack Espresso, Ootopia Coffee Roasters, Fiesta Mexican Restaurant in Silverdale, and The Garage Bar & Grill—just to name a few—have trusted their marketing to Robbi’s artistic talent.

Some people say that social media isolates us. That staring at screens, we’ve lost our connection to each other. I disagree. Social media links us to our community, and allows us to share our experiences.

Robbi Perez is one of the artists who helps make that happen.

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